The Artist


"I am a day dreaming night owl. Art continues to inspire me and fashion allows me to express my self."

Sanaa is a woman of a very few words but the above statement sums her up perfectly. Born in the Middle East with an asian heritage and educated in the West. She has lived a very colourful multicultural life. Her love for fashion started at a young age as she used it to express her self.

She was in awe of her mother who owned a custom made boutique and curtain shop, her knowledge of fabrics, garments and embellishments inspired Sanaa to  experiment with garments that she had made (and never wore).

Over the years she has made many sketches and painted on fabrics. Her background and past experiences has brought her to a point where she wants to share her creations with you!

I want you to feel yourself,

I want you to feel confident, 

but ultimately I want you to feel happy.